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Amazingly, Natalie rolled out of bed this morning at 7:15. It is a miracle. We opted for the rolling breakfast; coffee from hastily boiled hot water while we fill up at Pemex, some yogurt with granola deftly served from the back of the van between potholes and topes, and some fruit from the no-longer cat piss infested refrigerator. We had an incredibly long drive ahead of us, at least eight hours of rolling time, our longest yet and most likely the second or third longest of the trip. It was fairly uneventful, albeit bumpy and slow going. The cuota through Veracruz was in terrible shape and the road from Tuxtepec to Oaxaca is windy and steep. Really steep. So steep in fact that the van overheated about a kilometer from the summit. She up and quit, right in the middle of the highway, no shoulder, no turnout, just done right in the lane. We had to flag the passing motorists as they trudged up the hill. Luckily the road was so steep no one was going all that fast and the region is so remote that only five or six cars passed us in the 45 minutes and brand new 20 liter purified drinking water jug it took to cool down. Eight hours on the road turned into nine or ten by the time we added up our sojourn from just above sea level creeping up the mountains to about 9000 feet and traversing back down into Oacaxa at just about a mile high. We are camped at a really beautiful campground, slash agave farm, slash meszcal distillery and looking forward to hitting the world famous Oaxaca central market on Saturday, its busiest day.

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