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This is not a joke; we really want to know. Here is the leading candidate (17 people):

17 Dudes in a Pickup!



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No Abduction and Looting of Tenacatita. Senior Governor, the beach is for the people and for the Pueblo

How do you steal a beach? You are in a long standing property dispute and have powerful Mexican government friends that control the state police. You have said policia estatal close off the road with AK47s. This afternoon we attempted to go to Tenacatita, a small puebla beach that was rumored to be amongst the best in Mexico. Rock formations form a small barrier reef that protects a shallow bay from supposedly fun waves on the right swell. On August 4th the Governor of Jalisco authorized the closure of a federal highway and the takeover of private property. We met some of the restaurant owners and the owner of the RV park that are still fighting for their properties, their businesses, and what was their lives. Apparently the dispute has been raging for over 35 years. The new landholder has been quoted in the Guadalajara paper as saying that you can still access the beach, probably true if you had a tank that could take automatic rifle fire. We wanted to snap a picture of the gate across the highway but we didn’t dare.

For more on the story and how to get involved see here:


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Pulled Over!

We had heard rumors of the Puerto Vallarta police being amongst the worst in Mexico. But we’ve heard a lot of things. It is extremely hard to discern fact from hearsay here. Stories get mingled, mixed, transformed and retold with different details, times and places… finally, some agreed upon half-truth is substituted for the real thing. The final result of this “Mexican mythology” is that the event as everyone remembers it never really happened.

The Federales in PV protecting the visit of President Felipe Calderon and our laundry in that lavanderia. Amongst the safest laundry in Mexico.

Thus, with such tales being the norm, we continued blissfully through PV without much more cause for concern than our usual. Halfway between Zona Hotelera and the Aeropuerto the red and blues flashed behind us. We didn’t immediately pull over because we’ve seen them many times, ordinarily we slow and they pass us by. After 30 seconds or so of them tailing us they motioned for us to pull over.

The policeman that came to the door was in his late 40s frumpy, overweight, and completely full of shit. First of all, he accused us of going 80 km/hr in a 60km. After I informed him that we were actually on going 40 km/hr and that the van goes no faster on curvy roads, he changed his story to running a red light. There hadn’t been a stop light in miles. I told him that all the lights we went through were green. Then he said that we evaded the police and didn’t pull over right away. True, we did not, but I argued that was because we had done nothing wrong.

Eventually he insisted on seeing Natalie’s drivers license. I had her get out the “International Drivers Permit” that we had procured from AAA. It worked like a charm. The officer had no clue what to do with it, he thumbed through it and handed it back. “No problema, buen dia.”

Awesome, pull over some other dumb gringos, you fat, corrupt, mthrfckr; you are going to have to try harder than that to get some propina out of us.

In general my love for the Mexican law and order goes like this, in order from least to most: Policia Estatal (State – scary), Policia Municipal (City – also kinda scary), Policia Federal (the good guys), the Army (the really good guys), and lastly, the Green Angels (angels, seriously).

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Coco’s Anyone?

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Mojito’s Anyone?

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The Mexican Chain Whip

WARNING… this post is partially for bike geeks.

We are stuck in Puerta Vallarta for a few days. I like PV well enough, Zona Romatica is pretty cool, old school 60’s and 70’s style Mexican resort. Zona Centro is just like any other resort high rise ridiculousness – not our thing for sure. We ventured off from the RV park in search of a bike mechanic to El Pitillal, a neighborhood/suburb on the north eastern side of PV, near the new Walmart and Costco. It has an authentic feel and cool little Zocalo complete with quintessential gazebo and templo catholica.

Adrian the bike mechanic runs a little window shop that is overflowing with parts: new, recycled, used, and completely useless. Given the size and location of the shop it was rather well stocked. Unfortunately Adrian wasn’t able to true my wheel on the spot. He did happen to have a tire that would work but the wheel was going to require some time. Mañana en las tardes. I did get to witness a true feat of ingeniería de bicileta, Mexicana. Apparently, chain whips do not exist here. Adrian’s helper grabbed an old piece of chain and held it with an adjustable wrench while Adrain used another wrench and a cassette tool to spin my cassette off. Whatever works, but if I’m ever back in PV, I’m bringing him a proper whip.

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